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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IT'S WEDDING SEASON LADIES - Here are some awsome Beauty Tips!

It’s Wedding Season Ladies!    
As a make-up Artist, the busiest months for wedding make-up are October –April.
With wedding season almost upon us, I have decided to write a little note for all our beautiful Brides-To-Be and offer some free beauty advice to help them prepare for their big day.
With the warmer weather fast approaching, it is time to pack away the winter woolies and start exposing skin.
Please note, this advice is advantages to all women of all ages, all year round It is never too late to turn these tips into habits and start reaping the rewards immediately.


Beauty Tips

  • Exfoliate lips 2-3 times per week. This will prevent flakes of skin poking through your lipstick on the big day. NOT attractive. The Body Shop Lip Scuff is the best product for this as it gives you very kissable lips. Alternatively use an old toothbrush dipped in sugar and gently buff the lips.
  • Apply lip balm to lips to keep them soft and nourished. Not only will this keep lips from drying out, but will also slow down the aging process and prevent fine lines around the mouth.
  • Exfoliate face 2-3 times per week using a scrub with perfectly rounded granules, as these “roll” over the skin and do not scratch the skin or disturb the skins acid mantle. Pelactiv make an excellent one.
  • Apply a deep cleaning mask to face 1-2 times per week if you have an oily skin type. These are usually Clay based and absorb excess oil from the skin as well as purify its pores. My favorite at the moment is Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Cleanser/Mask (I have it on as I type) It can be used daily as a cleanser to prevent breakouts, or as a mask if left on. It contains Salicylic Acid which helps to liquefy sebum, preventing breakouts and blackheads.
  • Apply a nourishing hydrating mask to face 2-3 times per week in you have a dry/ dehydrated skin type. I like Dermalogica Mulit-Vitamin Power Recover Mask. I use this on Flights to help prevent dehydration. Airplanes are detrimental to moisture. This product also delivers many vitamins to the skin. I call it my “Holy Mask”, it is THAT magical.
  • Exfoliate body in the shower with a loofah 2-3 times per week; follow up with a hydrating body moisturizer. If this is just way too much effort for you, try this alternative: Mix raw sugar with any type of oil and scrub your entire body with it in the shower. No Mess, No Fuss. You are killing two birds with the one stone: Exfoliating and moisturizing. The best oils to use are Olive, Sesame, Flaxseed or Coconut oil.
  • For extremely dry skin, rub Palmers Body Oil on the entire body while it is still wet before stepping out of the shower.
  • Use a Pedi paddle on your feet whilst still in the shower, this will remove any dead skin cells and leave feet soft and smooth and prevent cracked heels.
  • Rub a nourishing foot cream into feet nightly and wear bed socks. This will help the skin absorb the cream better as well as keep feet soft.
  • Apply a nourishing protein rich hair mask to hair 2-3 times per week. Keep hair mask in for at least 20 minutes, or alternatively overnight. This will strengthen weak damaged hair and nourish thirsty, parched over-processed hair.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of room temperature water per day. This will flush out toxins and help diminish cellulite. Cellulite is basically a constipation of toxins. It will also re-hydrate your skin; softening fine lines (dehydration lines not wrinkles – wrinkles are a whole other EVIL, worthy of its own note….which I will write at a later date)
  • Apply nourishing eye Serum to the eye area morning and night to hydrate soft delicate area. Use ring finger to pat serum into this delicate area with your ring finger. PAT, do not rub as this will pull the skin, damaging the elastin fibres which will GIVE you wrinkles. Use a cooling gel if you eyes are prone to puffiness. Two slices of cucumber on the eyes for ten minutes also help with this problem.
  • Load up on your Vitamin C. Eat strawberries, oranges and kiwi Fruit. The vitamin C will help your immune system fight off colds, as well as stimulate your Collagen and Elastin production (the framework for your skin that helps you stay youthful)
  • Cut down on coffee, alcohol and tobacco as much as you can. These evils dehydrate your skin as well as interfere with the bodys natural ability to absorb vitamin C
  • Use an SPF 30+ or more daily. Make sure it has a UVA and UVB protection filter. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, damaging your collagen and elastin, resulting in premature aging (wrinkles) and a variety of pigmentary disorders. UVA rays are strong even on the cloudiest days in the middle of winter. Please don’t fool yourself into believing SPF is needed into the summer months only. Look for products that contain TITANIUM DIOXIDE, or ZINC OXIDE. I do not leave the house without Invisibe Zinc 30+ Tinted Daywear
  • Try to go for a ½ - 1 hour walk daily. This will relax you and hopefully keep your weight down, ensuring that you fit into your dress properly on the big day.
  • Apply nourishing cuticle cream/oil to your cuticles 2-3 times daily, this will prevent pterigium (overgrown, dry cuticle, resulting in hangnail).
  • Apply nourishing hand treatment cream to your hands nightly. Whenever possible wear white cotton gloves to bed to ensure ultra hydration. Believe it or not, the original Nivea (in Latin it means “Snow White”) cream in the dark blue tub is the best for this. The formula is a winner and has not altered much since it became popular early last Century.

So here they are. The tips I give to all my Brides.
I hope you have enjoyed them. If you know somebody that is getting married, pass this note on to them.
I am signing off.
Please feel free to post any questions or comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Slaj xx

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